Parent Newsletter 


Dance Costume Fitting Schedule

Parents, this is the schedule for the October 23rd Saturday fitting. Times given may be shorter for those students who only take a hip-hop class, so you may want to wait on them. Please be prompt in bringing them. If your dancer misses their scheduled time, please do not bring them during another class time because we probably won’t have time to go back and try on their costume. Dancers should come dressed in their dance class attire. If they take both hip hop and dance, then they should come dressed in their dance class attire.   

Costumes are bought according to the size charts given by that costume company so they may not fit perfectly. You are responsible for all alterations. We will give the costumes to you after their fitting unless it is a factory mistake. In the bag you will find costume lists and a list  of accessories that you are responsible for purchasing.   


9:00-10:00:       Ms. Kelly’s Wednesday hip hop

                          Ms. Kelly’s Thursday hip hop

                          Ms. Osborne’s Wednesday hip hop


10:00-11:00:      Ms. Kelly’s 6:00 Monday Class

                          Ms. Osborne’s Monday Class

                          Ms. Tuesday 6:00 Classes


11:00-1:30:       Ms. Anetra’s hip hop (will only take about 15 mins.)

                          Ms. Kalaysia’s Wednesday Class

                          Ms. Kalaysia’s Tuesday Tap Class

                          Dance Company