Parent Newsletter 


April 2021

Parent Newsletter

      IT’S SHOW TIME!!! Cyn-di Ella is the name of our May presentation. We will start production shooting this month. We will try very hard to notify you well in advance of your dancer’s shooting date, location, time, and costume. Make sure you have accepted the Google classroom app. Please be patient with us because sometimes we have to grab the time and location given to us. COVID has affected every aspect of all our lives.


We will start passing out costumes on Monday April 5th. There should be a sheet in your bag telling you the items you will need to obtain for filming. Please do not wait until the last minute to get those items. NO dancer will be able to participate without the required items. There will also be a sheet pertaining to hair and additional garments. Dancers should come to all shoots already dressed and prepared to dance., because there may not be changing facilities.


Cyn-di Ella

Our “Cyn-di Ella” movie will be held on Saturday May 8, 2021 at the AMC movie theater behind Savannah Mall. Showtimes are 4:30pm and 7:00pm. Tickets are $20.00 and will go on sale next week.


We are asking that ALL families purchase at least 5 tickets and those tickets be purchased at the studio. Your ticket purchase will be recorded. Dancers who are in the movie will NOT have to purchase a ticket, so please sell tickets so that we can make up the difference. Get your tickets early. We sold out last time and family members were very upset. We will NOT hold tickets for you, so get your tickets as soon as they become available.


There will be social distance seating, and everyone will still be required to wear a mask. We will give more information on the red-carpet event at a later date.



Tuition is still due for the month of April and late fees still apply. Tuition is due on your dancer’s first dance day of the month. There is a $10.00 late fee every it is late. If you send your dancer with someone else, please send the tuition also. Your dancer’s teacher may request additional dance times.  There are no fees for those additional classes.


April Fund Raisers

 These are the fundraisers.

            1. The popcorn fundraiser will be coming to an end soon. I hope you have made your order.       

Cyn-di Ella



1. Girl’s hair should be pulled (neatly) up or braided up into a bun on the top of their head.

2. There should be no loose hair and no beads; bows or other large ornaments in their hair.

3. There should be NO jewelry worn except small studs in ears.

4. There should be no underwear worn under the costumes. We do not have time and we may not have access to changing areas to remove loud colored underwear that may show on film. ALL support garments that are needed should be skin colored. (no loud colors)

5. Tights and shoes should be new or clean. You do not want your dancer in a movie with dirty tights or shoes. I would suggest an extra pair of tights.

6. Please be advised that stockings are not tights. Tights do not have that ring around the upper thighs. PLEASE get tights, NOT stockings.

7. Alterations must be sewn…. not pinned. If you need a seamstress one of the other parents may be able to suggest one.



1. Please do hair and costumes before arriving at location.

2. Please arrive at location on time. We will be on a tight schedule and will not wait on late dancers.

3. Do not leave dancer without finding out what time you should return. When the filming is over, everyone will be ready to leave. We may be moving from one location to another and will not have time to wait on your dancer’s ride.

4. If filming runs long, we will tell you to send snacks or water.

5. Do not send dancer in their ballet shoes.

Feel free to ask questions.

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