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Spring Classes Begin:

January 4 ,2023


  • $25 


  • $50/month for students

  • $50/month for adults 

Summer 2023 Registration**

Summer Intensive Camp:

June 5, 2023- June 30, 2023

7:30am-5:00pm  Lunch is provided

Camp Registration

  • $25 covers non-refundable

Camp Tuition

  • $125/weekly (due every Monday)



Summer Intensive Camp

**We are NOT taking any dancers under the age of 8.

This year we are accepting a limited number of 10 less-experienced dancers. 

They must be ages 8 to 12 yrs. old.

Classes: Ballet; Jazz; Modern; Hip Hop; Conditioning; Theater; Dance History (No Tap Class this year)

Health: This is an intensive dance camp. We currently do not have qualified staffing to accommodate anyone with physical, psychological, or emotional health issues.    

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